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Rigel Bioenviron Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Start-Up in the field of biotechnology in India, venturing into Bio Polymers, Bio Chemicals and Environment. Our Aim is to valorize organic wastes in to various value added products. Such as,

  • Biopolymer Production
  • Value Recovery From Organic Wastes

Rigel is presently working on a Technology Scale–Up Project, which is to produce PHA Bioplastics from Agro Wastewaters. We have received prestigious BIRAC BIG 16 Grant from DST, Govt. of India for the prototype Scale Up of this State of the Art Technology, which is already patented and have a low cost of production.

The process also advocates for carbon sequestration and low carbon Foot Print – yielding GREEN PLASTICS.

This next gen bioplastic PHA i,e polyhydroxy alkanoates is 100% biodegradable and having very good similarity in properties with polypropylene or conventional plastic. Presently PHA is being produced from pure substrates thus at increased production cost and we promise to produce it from waste.

The proposed process is widely versatile. Can be adapted for various wastes/wastewaters like waste potato & grains, food processing, dairy, agro-chemicals, brewery, vegetable oil, grain based distillery effluents, sewage etc., thus having high ROI from Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTP). Otherwise, a WWTP is a sunk cost for any industry.

We are aiming to elevate this technology to Commercial DEMO Plant level to set up specific agro wastes to biopolymer production plant.

Problems we solve

At Rigel BioEnviron Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we predominantly focus on following value added product/service offerings in the Bioplastics sector:

Category A:

Turn key project / Consultancy for manufacturing and marketing products made from conventional bioplastic resins:
Sourcing of the raw materials (including resins and additives) / intermediate compound / finished products made from Bioplastics:
These include starch and some other bioplastics used currently in market to formulate products used primarily for single use plastics such as

  • Packaging: carry bags, garbage bags, nursery bags
  • Disposable cutlery items such as plates, glasses, spoons etc.

Formulation support for materials to make above mentioned products
Recommendation of the required machinery and equipment
Identifying the market and marketing of products manufactured by our clients

Category B:

Technology development to produce next generation bioplastic resins which will have extended benefits over conventional bioplastic resins towards faster biodegradability, better mechanical and physical properties and better economics

Management Team

Dr. Partha Chakravarty
Dr. Partha Chakravarty
  • Bio-Process Engineering
  • PhD in Bioplastics technology
  • Patent holder in PHA process technology
  • 25 years of waste water industrial experience

Mr. Mayur Ved
Mr. Mayur Ved
Director & CEO
  • Plastic engineering technology and market analyst
  • M.Tech in Plastic engineering
  • Specialist in downstream production and masterbatch
  • 15 years of industrial experience

Dr. Sanchita Mukherjee
Dr. Sanchita Mukherjee
Director & COO
  • Biotechnology and chemistry domain specialist
  • PhD in chemistry
  • Experienced in project handling
  • 15 years of academic experience


Rigel Bio Environ Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has received the prestigious “BIRAC BIG16” Grant from Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), Government of India, for developing a scale up pilot on "Production of PHA based Bioplastics from Agro Wastewaters". We are among the eight potential awardees in India to receive this distinguished grant under the category of Industrial Biotechnology scoring an impeccable 74 points though the score demanded 65.

KIIT TBI, Bhubaneswar is our incubator for this project.

Presented poster in largest bioplastic association EUBP2020, European Bioplastic Conference, November 30 to December 2, Berlin, Germany. Rigel Bioenviron Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was sole entry from India.
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Selected to present an abstract paper on “Cost Economic Poly Hydroxy Alkanoates (PHA) based Bioplastic Production from Waste Spent Grains from Breweries: An Indian Perspective” in International Bioplastics & Biodegradable Plastic Conference 2020 at New York, USA 28th to 29th January,2021.
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Selected to pitch at world largest entrepreneual meet in Social Innovation Category in TGS2020, TiE Global Meet, Hyderabad, December 8 to December 10, 2020. Also selected for Open-Mic speech at the conference.

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